Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Genova - Chi siamo
Attivo dal 1995, il Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Genova “Parole Spalancate” è la più grande e longeva manifestazione italiana di poesia, con oltre 1600 poeti e artisti intervenuti nelle 25 edizioni fin qui effettuate, 120 eventi gratuiti ogni anno, 11 giorni consecutivi di programmazione e un format esportato in vari Paesi tra i quali Belgio, Francia, Finlandia, Giappone, Germania.
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About us

About us

CVT: Il Circolo dei Viaggiatori nel Tempo

The Genoa International Poetry Festival “Parole spalancate” is a creature of Circolo dei Viaggiatori nel Tempo (CVT).
CVT is a non-profit cultural association founded in 1983 by the poet and musician Claudio Pozzani.
Since its inception, CVT has created and organized numerous poetry, music and interdisciplinary festivals, literary prizes, and cultural and artistic events in Europe and around the world.
It has also collaborated with other European cultural associations, creating an international network. Its mission is the development of cultural exchanges in Europe and around the world, encouraging artistic expression in the field of poetry and literature, music and visual arts.
CVT collaborates with European, national and local organisms, schools and universities and other cultural associations, to facilitate the mobility of young European poets and artists as well as accomplished authors and to encourage reciprocal exchange understanding, as well as broaden the audience for literary events.
CVT promotes the dialogue between different languages and cultures, by sponsoring the translation and publication of literary and cultural works.

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Among the main other events organized by CVT, we can mention:

  • SIMPA (Semaine International de Musique Poésie et Arts) in Paris
  • Mondes Parallèles à Lille for Lille2004
  • BruggePoésie in Belgium,
  • Helsinki Runo Festival in Finland
  • EuroJapan Poetry Festival in Tokyo
  • European Voices in Berlin, Vienna, Paris and Helsinki

In 1999 it participated to the Unesco sessions for the World Poetry Day
In 2009 it won the Prize of Ministero di Beni e Attività Culturali italiano for the best poetry event in Italy (Parole spalancate)
In 2012 and 2020 it obtained the Catullo Prize for the dissemination of international poetry in Italy
In 2015 it founded the European platform Versopolis with 14 other continental poetry festivals


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